• Ad Sizes are based on 72 dpi and proportionately scale to browser width on desktop, tablet or cell phone.

• For best viewing, submissions should be 72 dpi.

• Ads rotate on-screen with other ads of same size.
• Avg. on-screen duration is 30 seconds per rotation.

• We can embed your script so that your ad content changes any day or time you desire.

• Scripts are preferred, but we can directly accept your images and videos. Single link only for such submitted images and videos.

• Allow up to 72 hrs. for initial ad appearance on site or for changes you require us to make. (Script changes done yourself typically show up within minutes).

• Ads too similar in appearance and/or content to our site and posts, or promoting health related products and/or advice, may be labeled with “Sponsored Advertisement”, or other equivalent wording, at CCVI’s sole discretion.

• Ads may not be designed or construed to indicate CCVI or our environmental parents/partners’ endorsement of a product or service, nor include ours or their logos, without express written permission.

Please see our documentary programming page for current video offerings and specific program release dates. You may select programs for your ad to run in or we can randomly place your ads as Run-of-Spot (ROS). Our original environmental video programming line-up is continuing to grow throughout 2017 and we will notify you of new program additions. Some of our new lineup will include community talk shows which may engage in discussions of controversial community matters. Although advertising does not necessarily constitute endorsement of, nor agreement with, talk show content, we do give you the option of opting out of ROS placement in those shows.

We suggest having your ad designed for submission to us for fastest placement. We do not have full service in-house art and design capabilities for advertisers, but can do a limited amount of ad design on a first-come, first serve basis and with a short delay in placement. Please see our FAQ for approximate delay.

Commercials should be a minimum HD 1920×1080, 30fps (29.7) for best integration into our original video programs.

We can embed scripts from most on-line video platforms or host your commercial on our server for free through the duration of your buy. (Allow up to 72 hours for upload to our server before commercial appearance).



This is a family-friendly site catering to all age groups. We do not allow ads promoting, exhibiting or linking to ‘adult’/sexual activity, products or entertainment; hatred; violence; sexism; discrimination or breaking of laws. If you have doubts as to whether or not your proposed ad content is allowable, please contact us with your questions. When you contract with us you agree not to violate this policy, including through link-switching or re-routing after ad placement. Violation will result in non-refundable cancellation of contract.

• Your ad is warranted to run throughout the time period contracted for. Websites do sometimes crash or require maintenance, causing downtime. If the rare circumstance occurs that our site or your ad is down 24 or more hours, pro-rated credit begins after 24 hours down and accrues each 24 hours down thereafter. Credit is applied by extending end-date of contract to compensate.

• Pro-rated Refund of unused space or for website downtime is applied only if CCVI website issues cause one or more 24-hour-periods a week of downtime per 30-day-period. We cannot be responsible for downtime at your server/host side of ad scripts. I.E. If the site serving your ad to us has difficulties, we hold no liability for the empty spot.

• As a community-service non-profit encouraging participation of all demographics, we respect both our audience’s and donors’ personal privacy and thus do not track the activities of visitors to our website, monitor the ads they click, nor share their information other than that which is required by law. Our policies forbids the placement of tracking codes or scripts on advertising placed on our side of the viewer funnel. We cannot, and do not, forbid tracking a viewer once they click on your site linked ad on our page and are transferred to your site, product or service. In other words, you may be able to track that a customer came to your site from ours based upon the standard back-trace of visitors automatically logged by the web. You cannot gather that information while WITHIN the confines of the website.

• Violation of Advertiser Terms of Service may result in cancellation of remainder of contract term and can result in forfeiture of funds for remaining contract period to cover administrative and legal costs.

• We are not responsible for, and hold no liability towards, the legality of your ad content you place on our site but may remove content in dispute.

• District of jurisdiction for actions and complaints is St. Thomas-St. John, Virgin Islands and disputes shall be governed under the V.I. Code.



Your advertising purchase is a donation to local and 501c3 non-profits and may qualify for tax deductions. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR PROFESSIONAL TAX ADVISOR REGARDING YOUR TAX DEDUCTION RIGHTS. CCVI and affiliates are not tax consultants and statements regarding your potential tax deduction status may or may not apply to you based upon your tax status and/or changing tax statutes. Always consult a professional regarding your tax planning needs. is a product of the V.I. registered Djabana’s KuumbaCampground,Inc, a Non-profit Educational Group d/b/a Camp Umoja and the Environmental Rangers with a cooperative fundraising agreement with the Virgin Islands Conservation Society, a U.S. 501c3 non-profit. Your tax deduction status varies with law and circumstances so please consult with your tax accountant or attorney regarding your benefits. Your ad contract may be able to serve as your tax letter or we can provide one upon request.


To reach the Environmental Heritage Researcher and Promoter, (Director of CCVI operations) Tel: 340-998-1879; or Email:


Our Camp Umoja facilities are located on 11 acres of forested wetlands hillside abutting Mandahl Bay Beach, Salt Pond and Lagoon, Mandahl Estate, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802

Make checks payable to the “Virgin Islands Conservation Society” and write Camp Umoja in the Memo line. Mail to: P.O. Box 600166, St. Thomas VI 00801. We can accept credit cards online via To protect the value of your investment, ad purchases via credit cards are not automatically completed on-line. Our Fundraising Associate will follow-up with a meeting or phone call.