ClimateChangeVI has an extensive and growing line-up of original environmental heritage programming of the Virgin Islands.

TTNNNlogoCaptureWhite-sTurtle Times Nature News Network
Regular news programming, hosted by island youth, updating you on all climate and environmental happenings and events in the islands.






happyislanderThe Happy Islander Underwater Adventures
Never more than a mile away from the water, born playing and ‘working’ in it, this islander can be nothing but happy! Join Karl Callwood in his regular underwater jaunts filming the thousands of marine species that inhabit our waters. The water is fun so jump in with new, exciting and original on-line activities in addition to fantastic, international award winning videos.

mmmm-logo-biege-backMonday Morning Mandahl Minute
A video shorts wildlife series created to raise awareness during the height of the Mandahl Bay Hotel and Marina development scandal. Every episode from both Seasons!



SPECIAL FEATURE: 23-1/2 Acres: No Development Needed
The World Oceans Day Reef Renaissance International Film Festival Award-winning Mandahl Bay short documentary. Including footage aired on Public Television (PBS) during the Mandahl Bay Hotel and Marina development scandal.