1. Submit News, Events and Happenings: Let us know what Is happening in your environmental corner of the islands so that we can schedule coverage or post your event.
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  2. Submit Research, Environmental Heritage and Technology: Teachers, Professors, Students, Scientists and Engineers … we do documentary coverage!
    ScienceEditor@ ClimateChangeVI.org
  3. Apply for Work: Auditioning broadcast personalities for a growing line-up of programming; seeking researchers and field assistants.
    ~ Talent@ ClimateChangeVI.org
  4. Apply for Community Service Hours/Volunteer: There are numerous ways that V.I. students can fulfill their Community Service requirements through educational learning, research and service at Camp Umoja. Adults can volunteer as Citizen Scientists.
  5. Contact the Producer, Karl Callwood: We love hearing from you on other matters, but please consider: This is also an environmental research project and there is no wireless or internet underwater or in the wild. We ask that you be patient when contacting the Producer. Response may take at least seven days, sometimes more.
    ~ Editor@ClimateChangeVI.org