Through the generosity of several local families …

SEER is a FREE PROGRAM for youth age 12 to 18

We are accepting youth applications to join the ClimateChangeVI.org & Camp Umoja Environmental Heritage S.E.E.R. Program as Environmental Rangers for the 2019-2020 Session.


Sessions are every Saturday from 8 am to 12 noon.

Applications may be Emailed or postal mailed to the addresses listed within.


April 21, 2018 ~ St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The Environmental Rangers, an Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Quality Award-winning youth group, has expanded its scope to add STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) approaches to youth engagement with the wild.

The STEM initiative is called SEER (Science, Education, Exploration & Research) to give focus to the program’s environmental heritage goals.

SEER will re-introduce youth to nature in a way that is fun, dynamic, educational and motivational.
It is important to us that SEERs themselves decide what they want to learn in the Eco-system so that we can provide them personalized knowledge and experience. To do this SEERs will be introduced to a wide array of environmental pursuits. They will join with other Eco-youth in action teams and assist each other in achieving set Eco-goals.

SEER interactions will occur in a wilderness setting with small group-sizes supervised by experienced and qualified environmental award-winners and leaders.




As a SEER your child will have the opportunity to:

♦ Meet and interview environmental movers and shakers;

♦ Create their own real-world research projects with public reporting to government, science agencies & civic organizations;

♦ Interact with thousands of species in the Mandahl Bay Beach, Salt Pond and Lagoon APC & Area for Preservation and Restoration; and

♦ Learn how to effect social and legislative change in the environment.

A SEER is a survivor both in the wild and in the urban jungle. They will be exposed each session to marine activities such as kayaking, boating, and swimming. Hiking, recycling and agricultural pursuits will require physical fitness and body health. Fun outdoor challenges will teach and test basic tropical island survival skills.

A SEER shares fundamental knowledge and discovery with the desire of spreading an islands-wide awareness of our unique environmental heritage. SEERs will create and circulate a variety of multimedia presentations publicly documenting their activities, research and community activism.

SEERs also engage in community service pursuits and may receive school Community Service Requirement credits for participation.

We will challenge youth intellect and creativity. We will teach youth how to observe and discover new things. Foremost, we hope to instill in youth a lifelong wonder, curiosity of and respect for nature that can halt the detrimental advance of climate change.




SEER Participation Checklist

The 2019-2020 40-Week Session begins Saturday, June 7, 2020



We have enrollment slots for 15 youth.

Applications will be approved based upon merit (Applicant Essay) and first come-first serve basis.



• Sunscreen •

• Drinking Water in Canteen or Refillable Bottle •
No glass.
No single-use disposable plastic bottles.

• Pack a heat-resistant lunch, healthy snacks and a small trash bag •

• Outdoor wear •
Shorts, sleeveless shirts & skirts should be avoided. Do not wear camouflage patterns. If a SEER uniform is provided and/or required, child should wear that. Do not wear jewelry.

• Swimwear •
Should be age appropriate and non-revealing

• Hat or Cap with brim •

• Sunglasses •

• Towel •

• Change of Clothes •

 • Appropriate Outdoor Footwear •
No open-toed shoes, sandals or ‘flip-flops’

• 3 Composition notebooks, Pen, Pencil, Permanent marker & 8-pack of Large Crayons•

• Medium-duty Backpack •

• Insect Repellent •
We keep mosquito repellent in stock at our studios. However, because repellents can cause adverse reactions in some people, we strongly advise parents to provide their child with their own trusted form of non-allergenic insect repellent. [See cdc.gov/zika/prevention/prevent-mosquito-bites.html for repellent advise]