Does mankind’s future lie in the stars?

We must face the fact that as the human population expands and Earth’s resources are used up, there will be less on this planet for us to survive on.

In the near future space exploration may focus on mining minerals, water and gases from moons and asteroids for return to earth. Later on, people may start building colonies throughout the solar system and eventually among the stars themselves.

Space exploration, however, is not just about the future … it is also about maintaining and improving the technology the world has come to rely upon. The science of outer space brings us real-time weather reports, cell phones that provide instant communications around the globe, Global Positioning Satellites to help you find the corner grocery and many more conveniences of modern life.

Space studies also provide career opportunities in hundreds of disciplines. At Camp Umoja, it is our belief that introducing the community, and especially youth, to the visual wonders of space will inspire Virgin Islanders to continue pursuing space-related job options.

With very sparse human development in the region, night time is dark and the stars really shine! Camp Umoja’s hilltop view location provides prime stargazing views East, North and West! After several successful community telescope stargazing nights, plans are now underway for the installation of a permanent telescope platform.

In the meantime, stellar activities are held from time-to-time on a temporary viewing platform on the hillside using the portable high power telescope of volunteer, Richard Callwood III.

Stargazing nights are low-noise, low-light, family-friendly nights in the quiet of the Mandahl Bay neighborhood.